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DIY Cooling Cucumber Face Toner

Reblogged from Callina Marie I am freaking out about this new skin toner I found the other day! This is exactly what I need in the…
Ashabash May 18, 2013 Originally by callinamarie

Valentine's Day Inspirations!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up and we have seen nothing but little Cupids in every store, here is a gallery full of everything inspirational…
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Ashabash Feb 07, 2013
Fall Out Boy Returns!vid

Fall Out Boy Returns!

After a 3 year hiatus, Fall Out Boy has finally come back to the stage! Their new song My Songs Know What You Did Last Night…
Ashabash Feb 05, 2013
weekly fashion inspirationpic
Ashabash Jan 28, 2013 Originally by hannabeth

End of Year Inspirations!

Since everyone will be celebrating the new year soon, here's a gallery of all things shiny and sparkly that we all see on New Year's…
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Ashabash Dec 28, 2012

11 songs to get you through the apocalypse!

Since the world is supposed to end today I felt that a playlist was needed to commemorate such a special day. Although we all know…
Ashabash Dec 21, 2012
Ashabash Dec 18, 2012
Reblog from Audrey Kitchingpic
Ashabash Dec 10, 2012 Originally by audrey

my favorite GIF's from the movie ELF!

Reblogged from Keltie Colleen On the 7th day of KELT-MAS I gave to youuuuuu.... GIFS!  Elf is obviously the best holiday movie of all time. I love…
Ashabash Dec 06, 2012 Originally by tattoohottie


Since it's starting to get a bit chilly out, here's a gallery of all things Ice that are bound to give you some inspiration!
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Ashabash Dec 04, 2012

New Fav Band: Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim are an indie dance duo from Brooklyn, New York. I first heard of them when they had a concert by my college…
Ashabash Nov 10, 2012

Harrod's Designer Disney Princess Dresses

I am a huge Disney fan, so when I heard that Harrod's Christmas windows will be showing a designer Disney Princess display this year I…
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Ashabash Nov 08, 2012

The Tunnel Of Light

Reblogged from Kat Most of you will already know how much I adore Japan. From the rich culture, to the fashion, the people, food and the…
Ashabash Nov 07, 2012 Originally by kitten

How To Stay Motivated

Reblogging cuz I gotta work on doing this! Reblogged from Audrey Kitching I've been asked by a few of you to do a post on staying motivated…
Ashabash Nov 03, 2012 Originally by audrey

Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Showing!

So last night my school had a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and it was amazing! But before it played I had a…
Ashabash Nov 03, 2012
Ashabash Oct 20, 2012
Ghosts in the dorm rooms!pic

Favorite Songs on Replay

These are all songs that I can't seem to get enough of no matter what! Whenever they come on I just stop and smile and…
Ashabash Oct 18, 2012

Skeletal Inspirations

Since Halloween is coming up soon I thought I'd put together a gallery of all things skeleton related that are perfect for this creepy time…
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Ashabash Oct 08, 2012
Fall Feelpic
Ashabash Oct 06, 2012 Originally by hannabeth

Once Upon a Time

So Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite TV shows and the second season started last Sunday. But what I'm most excited about…
Ashabash Oct 03, 2012
Cheshire Catpic

Cheshire Cat

Just found this tattoo online and it is amazing! It's probably one of the best tattoos I've come across and since I already love anything…
Ashabash Sep 18, 2012

Galaxy Leggings

So the whole galaxy theme has been pretty big lately and the other day i saw this girl wearing this awesome pair of galaxy leggings…
Ashabash Sep 12, 2012
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